Career Opportunity and Jobs! The 3 Best Places to Look For Career Opportunity and Jobs

Are you an active seeker for career opportunity and jobs? Are you in the lookout for new employment that can fulfill your desires and make your life worth living? Then this article will tell you where to find the hottest career opportunity and jobs that are available currently in the market.

Alright, before we tell you where to look for the elusive career opportunity and jobs, it is vital that you need to have a clearer picture of what kind of employment suit you best. Suitability means that you have the necessary skills, talents, education and personality. However, it does not mean that someone who is tone-deaf cannot be club DJ, he or she simply need to work harder to improve on his skills as a good music jockey.

Next, here are top places to start searching for career opportunity and jobs.

Online Recruitment Websites

These days, there are a lot of recruitment websites online that help you to look out for the perfect career opportunity and jobs that you are aiming for. The amazing thing about online recruitment websites is that you can practically search the career opportunity and jobs easily by categories, countries, and level of entries.

You can also submit your resume online and place them in the appropriate categories so that prospective employers or human resource managers can shortlist your application. Of course, you also have to update your resumes to stay current and relevant to the career opportunity and jobs that you are targeting.

Career and Jobs Fair

Most countries will organize a variety of career and job fairs for its local population. This is also one of the perfect places to be present if you are actively looking for career opportunity and jobs to move your career forward or simply to begin entering the workforce.

It is best that you talk to the professionals and experts who will be stationed at the specific career booths. Talking to them will allow you to gain further insight to the career opportunity and jobs you require.

Newspaper Recruitment Section

Most big corporations will still however advertise for openings in career opportunity and jobs in the local newspaper. This is perhaps the most read targeted section of the newspaper. I have seen people buying only the recruitment sections and leaving the other parts of news to the seller.

The reason is simple. Most of us who are skimming through looking for career opportunity and jobs are sometimes doing it subconsciously. However, amongst all the advertisements, there will be a few that catch your attention. Hence, these are career opportunity and jobs that you have attracted unknowingly and may be the perfect one in your case.

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Career and Job Planning

Each individual is responsible for building his or her own career. In this ever-changing world, everyone is looking for new ways to earn living. The purpose of career and job planning is to develop strategic plan based on one’s talents, aspirations and background, leading to a happy personal and professional life. Career planning involves identifying your choices, and then forming the goals that suit your individual needs, and the realities of job world.

How to Plan Your Career and Job

Planning a career and job is an important step for anyone who is either looking for job, or is already employed. It helps to set clear goals, and map the future career path. This panning helps you determine your weaknesses and strengths, and also helps you learn about your career options in different industries. If you are yet to enter the industry, career and job planning takes the form of interviews with prospective colleges, assessment tests, networking with other students and advisors and then finalizing your plan over a period of time. This will equip you with enough skills, knowledge and tools to enter the work world.

Job and life experiences, educational backgrounds and personal goals can either minimize or maximize the potential target career and jobs. Planning for your career involves doing some deductive reasoning and research about the locality of your job search. The types of jobs that are currently in demand vary greatly depending on the location. Getting the basic knowledge of geographic location and observing the statistics can provide you good information regarding jobs that are most competitive and highest in demand.

If you are already employed, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid so that you can plan your career and job well. Do not look for employment in other field without doing intense introspection, do not enter any field just because someone else is doing well in it, do not look for hot fields unless you feel they are suitable for you, do not go back to school without doing some test-drives in the new field, do not try to make the switch alone, do not make money the only deciding factor, be very careful when seeking services of search firms or placement agencies, do not expect to make the switch overnight and do not expect the career counselor to tell you which field to enter.

The foundation of your job search or career shift is solid, good and honest curriculum vitae. It must describe all your qualifications and entire professional career in detail. An effective resume can help you get your foot in the door and lead to personal interviews.

Knowing your salary range is an important aspect of career and job planning. This helps eliminate the prospective jobs falling outside your salary range. To know your realistic salary range, you need to do some research. The first important step is to know your fixed and variable expenses so that you know how much you need to maintain your current standard of living. While determining your salary range, keep in mind that what you might think you are really worth does not matter as much as what the employer thinks the job is worth.

Another important aspect of career and job planning is to get focused. You need to make real choices based on your career aspirations, skills and background.

Once you have successfully formulated you career and job plan, you need to find the employment through your contacts, friends, recent alumni, networking, professors and so on. If you are a fresher, it is advisable that you have a mentor who can also act as a resource in your job hunt. If you are planning a career move, yellow pages, classifieds, career fairs and employment agencies can be quite helpful.

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ERP Training and Jobs Opportunities

In terms of training and employment ERP (enterprise resource planning) holds a very promising future. Demands of the ERP professionals are increased very rapidly. Now the companies have realized the ERP’s importance. Positive conclusions were drawn by the research made by the consultants of the IT Companies towards ERP. They said that the ERP is vibrant and have a quality of non stop expanding growth.

ERP Training

ERP professionals are in great demand in the market. They draw a very attractive salary worldwide. The segment of ERP training itself is growing and expanding very fast and has become very large. Many leading companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP collaborates with the institute which is reputed and offers lots of training programs. For this training program they offer proper certificates which are highly recognized in the MNC’s and in the international market. Special programs are conducted by institutes of leading business on ERP. For the students of management, it is the favorite topic for research. After the intervention in warehousing segment and in supply chain it is being introduced in the curriculum of management. Top companies offer ERP training program in the company or in institute depending upon the requirements in the market and the policy of the company.

Candidate should posses multiple skills to pursue a job in ERP. The candidate should be ready to accept the changes all the time. He should be dynamic. It is not sufficient for the candidate to have a mere educational and technical qualification. As the ERP is undergoing a lots of transformation and improving day by day the candidate must also be prepared to compete the changing circumstances. Candidate should not be outdated in the changing areas of ERP otherwise he will lose the company.

Job Opportunities

The professionals of enterprise resource planning software should be specialist in diverse application and function. After the advancement of ERP now the company is choosing the multiple function ERP program. So now the company will be interested in employing the professional who specializes in the multifunction of ERP.

Opportunities for ERP professionals are in large corporations where huge investments are made on ERP. For this job, an all rounder should be preferred. On the aspect of qualification there is no stigma. From all streams the candidate should be considered. There are plenty of ERP jobs with very high competition. Many unauthorized institutes are also giving training and certificates for the training program. But their certificates are not valid. Their fees are less expensive, but they will never help the candidate to secure a job. So candidates should check the credibility and authenticity of the institute.

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Technology Education and Engineering – More Than Just Computers?

“Technology Education and Engineering is that like computer class”? Technology Education and Engineering is widely unknown to the general public. The common assumption is a typing/word processing class. While virtually unknown, Technology Education and Engineering offers students the ability to explore, discover, and create with technology tools like no other class ever before. It’s greatest advantage is using real world lessons to prepare students for their future.

Traditional classrooms today haven’t changed since the early 1900s. Meanwhile, outside of school, we continue to utilize technology in our jobs and personal lives. Most classrooms rely on the teacher as the dictator of information and knowledge. In this type of classroom learning is passive. There is very little critical thinking or creativity. For example, information is communicated through a series of lectures and note taking. Students are generally given a worksheet or crossword puzzle to access what was “learned.” After the students pass the exam they forget the concepts that were covered. Most learning is linear starting with lecture and ending with exams.

Technology Education and Engineering allows students to take control of their learning. They have the opportunity to make choices, explore, and discover the information on the subject. They are able to take this information and do something with it by creating a project. We learn by doing, and gaining experience in an applied area, which is known as active learning. The skills for the projects are the same skills that professionals would use in a career.

The lessons combine all subjects as the student learns. It doesn’t separate science, math, history, or English but combines them with the technology tools of today’s world. When completing a project in a career, it will not separate the objectives according to subject.

For example, a bridge design project includes forces from science, critical weight calculations from math, a presentation of why they chose their design elements and how they fit in the budget, and computer aided drafting from technology. A presentation before engineers of bridge design choices, or send a letter to county or state officials on problem bridges and how to cheaply improve them for the future.

Technology Education and Engineering draws its concepts from real world examples. Activities work closely with STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

Technology Education and Engineering incorporates solving problems with a group. Collaboration between team members is a vital workforce skill. As the students work together they motivate each other to a deeper understanding of the concepts and how to solve them. Each student has a responsibility in their group, and they hold each other accountable for the work to be done. Students understand how their roles and responsibilities relate to the entire project, and the real world.

Many people today seem to be looking for a change in education. They see the current system and understand the flaws in the traditional method of education. More people need to investigate Technology Education and Engineering as an example of 21 century learning. It is the class that is preparing students for tomorrow with the technology of today.

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Special Education and No Child Left Behind: Mandated High Stakes Testing

Special Education and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) are related in several ways. Due to the requirements established in the 2001 NCLB law the vast majority of special education students are required to participate in your district and state annual assessments. This is not a decision the special education teacher has made or often condoned; it is required unless your child is extremely impaired and has not been exposed to the core content standards. There are very rigid laws regarding the assessment process so it is important to check the Accommodations and Modifications Section of your child’s IEP to make sure your child has all of the needed testing accommodations.

You may have noticed a lot of talk in the media about state waivers for portions of the NCLB regulations. Many states have requested to receive a waiver that will allow for a little more flexibility in some of the regulations while increasing their accountability. One of the regulations where flexibility may be granted is in assessing students on multiple measures rather than on one test score. This is good news for special education students who often struggle with high stakes tests because they are being assessed on material that they have not learned or been exposed to due to their disability and their educational needs.

I remember a conversation I had with an Assistant Superintendent about this issue. I was trying to explain the educational damage (let alone the emotional damage) I was likely to inflict on one of my 5th grade emotionally disturbed students who also had extreme dyslexia when I put a 5th grade reading assessment in front of him and told him he had to complete it independently (because you cannot read portions of the reading assessment to children as you can for a math or a science assessment). I remember asking her, “What helpful information could possibly be gained from this endeavor?” and her response was, “Well if he raises his score under “Insufficient” he could be proud of that and we’d know you taught him something about reading”. I know she was only doing her job, but she obviously did not understand that if he raised his score it was likely because he guessed well as he could not read any of the content or questions placed before him.

At this point, my hope is that states will look at assessing children with special needs in a way that is meaningful to them, their parents and their teachers. Assessment is an important tool in special education, and it must be meaningful to effect growth and learning. Since these waivers are new how this will unfold is an unknown. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your child receives appropriate accommodations during high stakes testing. This means that your child has to have been receiving these accommodations throughout the year for regular class work and testing. I generally recommend the following accommodations, although they must be based on the educational needs of your child; extended time or unlimited time to complete the test, testing to occur in a small or 1:1 environment free from as much distraction as possible, testing to be administered by a familiar adult, frequent breaks, repetition of directions, use of manipulatives, test questions and directions to be read orally (where allowed) and/or the use of a scribe or use of assistive technology (where allowed).

Remember that you are your child’s best advocate. The “world” of special education is often confusing and difficult to navigate because of the complexity of IDEA. If you would like more in-depth information on advocating for your child with special needs as well as tips on educating and parenting your child with special needs, please visit my blog at, [].

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